Six Months of No Payments

Buy Your RV Now and Pay Later Dreaming of a life on the road? Sometimes, our wishes are set aside for a number of reasons. However, this month, finances don’t have to be one. At Palm Beach RV, we’re offering … Continued

Celebrating Thanksgiving on the Road

Fall Holiday Dinner Vibes

For many, Thanksgiving revolves around a traditional yet extravagant dinner. Each year, we look forward to succulent turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and warm apple pie. But, every now and again, it’s exciting to mix things up.

Three RV Vacations in Florida

Photo of RV on the beach

Florida is special for many reasons. However, the countless adventure opportunities are our favorite part about the Sunshine State. From beautiful beaches to exhilarating parks, you can find an endless amount of experiences with family, as a couple, alongside friends or alone.

Building the Perfect RV Road Trip

RV Cruising along mountain road

It’s no secret that the United States is filled with incredible destinations. From National Parks to bustling cities, there’s a whole lot to see. And while you may not be able to experience it all in one trip, you’ll have more opportunities in the future.

Tips For Stress Free RV Cooking

Couple Cooking In The RV

When you’re traveling in your RV, cooking on the go can be quite the nuisance. But, at Palm Beach RV we’ve got you covered with tips to make preparing your meals hassle-free. Follow these pre-trip and on-the-go tricks to make your RV cooking easy and stress free.